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DIY Hydroponics Starter Kit offer perfect options for beginners and hobbyists to try Hydroponics first hand. The kit is based on principles of Deep Water Culture (DWC) which is relatively easier to maintain and learn for the first-timers.


These kits comes with all the essential elements to get you on track to grow your first Hydroponic produce.



₹2,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,799.00Sale Price
    • Hydroponics NFT - 2 Feet with Five Growing Spaces
    • Hydroponics Nutrients - NPK 300 ml
    • Air Pump for Oxygenation
    • 5 Food-Safe Net Pots
    • Leca Hydrotons - 250 gms
    • Cocopeat - 200 gms
    • Variety of seeds
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