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Bio Walls

Launcing our very own brand IGrow ® Bio Walls for Bio Walls also known as Living Walls or Green Walls. 

Bio Walls

Outdoor/Indoor/Stand Alone Walls

We provide the option and design for outdoor, indoor and stand alone types. 

We select the best rigid plants depending on the design of the bio walls. 

USP of Bio Walls

Why Choose Us?

We install pots that do not stain walls incase of over watering or rain. We do automation of irrigation for the bio walls. We also do cost effective maintenance for our designs. We have the option of indoor lighting for indoor plants and we are eco friendly. 

Bio Walls Design

In house Design and Team

All designs are made in house by experts depending on site condition and customer requirement. 

Our in house team, installs the bio walls as per the approved designs. 

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