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Our Services

Having a decade of Agro Industry Experience, we at Shaaz Agriculture Solutions are determined to meet the demands of Horticulture, Floriculture and agriculture industry.

Our expertise in designing and construction of Greenhouse & Poly-house allow us to meet the specific requirement for the client.

 We offer to client -  Erection and maintainance of Poly-house/Shade-house, Trellis, Open Field, Agroforestry  and also provide drip, fertigation, automation system, supply of planting Materials, supply of water soluble fertilizers, protrays, cocopeat and other required agricultural products.

    We help the client in getting Bank loans based on project feasibility, Subsidy from the Government and marketing the product. We do contract farming for Vegetable Cultivation and Floriculture under Poly-house, Shade Net house, Trellis and open field condition. We also help the client to market the produce.

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