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  • Cocopeat being a fiber, which is by product of coconut coir industry. It gives porosity and it is a place for gaseous exchange, useful micro flora development, and provides organic matter. It is little acidic in nature, which helps in altering ph and electric conductivity (EC) of the soil
  • It avoids leaching (horizontal movement) and percolation (vertical movement) loss of nutrients. It helps for better proliferation of roots which gives better development of plants. It helps in improving soil structure and texture
  • With all the above facts gives better root development, shoot development, flower set, and root set. It gives greenery to the plant by increasing photosynthetic activity. It contains natural trichoderma, which acts as a bio-controlling agent and avoids development of pathogens. It increases yield by 10-15%. It can be used in hydro-phonics and it gives better germination percentage.
  • Usage: Agriculture, horticulture, lawns, flower plants, vegetative plants, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants. 
  • How to use? : Must be soaked with 22-25 liters of water for 1 hour. Allow it to expand and then slowly stir until it becomes loose. Then apply at the root-zone area and quantity depends on the age of the plant.


₹249.00 Regular Price
₹149.00Sale Price
  • Cocopeat Brick  used for agriculture purpose. Highly used in hydroponics, microgreens as a medium. 

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