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Introductory Farming Consultation

We at Shaaz Agriculture Solutions are working to take the future of agriculture ahead. Here we use all the modern and scientific methods to find the best and feasible way of doing agriculture in our farms keeping in mind the ancient methods of agriculture and their best practices. Our projects include hi-tech open field cultivation, pandal type cultivation (for gourd varieties), hi-tech polyhouse cultivation, hi-tech Shadenet house cultivation and agroforestry.    We help our fellow farmers and investors who are interested to become agripreneurs, by giving them the knowledge of farming and agricultural methods suited for their farm condition and setting up the best ways of farming that would help them to continue farming and increase their yield thus increasing their revenue.     We help farmers and investors to set up hi-tech open field cultivation, pandal (trellies) type cultivation(i.e climber plants like gourd varieties), hi-tech Shadenet house cultivation, hi-tech polyhouse/greenhouse cultivation for modern agriculture (Soil based and Soiless using grow bags, hydrophonics, aquaphonics) and agroforestry. 

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